Two Essential Sports Supports Here for You Now

Most of the boys are non-attendees. They adore running, jumping and jumping. However, in the modern world, children sit more than they do – in transport on the way to school or kindergarten, at their desk at school, at the computer at home. But the child’s energy requires a way out. You can, of course, let the child “run on the ceiling”, “stand on your ears” in the apartment. True, this is not safe. Or try to walk with children more and more often. Although for most parents this is unrealistic – they work from morning till night.

There is a simpler and, most importantly, a useful way out – physical education. First, sport for boys is an opportunity to compensate for the need for movement, and, secondly, children attending the sections become more enduring, stronger and healthier. Sport disciplines and teaches to be more responsible, which is often not enough for boys.

The choice of the sports section is not easy. The best option is to solve this issue together with the child, based on his personal preferences and interests. Be sure to take into account the psychological, physiological and age characteristics of the boy – this is important! Now you can go for sport and get the solutions easily.

The most popular sports for boys are team sports (football, hockey, basketball and others). However, there are many other sports, which, at times, are forgotten.

Martial arts


Martial arts  are ideal for boys of all ages. Beginning to engage is allowed as early as 4-5 years. You can choose as traditional types of martial arts (karate,judo,sambo, taekwondo), and rather exotic directions (capoeira, kobudo, taijutsu). However, before taking the child to the martial arts club, it is worth to undergo a medical examination – a contraindication to the exercises are violations in the work of the heart, kidneys, musculoskeletal system and cervical spine.

Martial arts are not just a sport. This is a whole philosophy. Combat sports involve both physical and mental levels.

The obvious advantages of fighting practices are that they:

  • develop strength, agility, speed and coordination of movements;
  • learn to focus attention;
  • promote self-control;
  • reduce the level of aggression;

Help to become more self-confident and build relationships with peers.

But the minus of martial arts, perhaps, only one trauma danger. True, the opportunity to get real damage in martial arts is much lower than in mountaineering, equestrian sport or hockey.

Sports dances and gymnastics


Many parents, especially dads, unfairly believe that sports dances and  gymnastics  are not the most suitable sports for the boy, they are even called “not male” directions. But, for example, boys, who are engaged in gymnastics, dances and acrobatics, form an ideal, proportional figure, with relief, but not pumped over muscles.

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